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DISCOVER high potential new tokens, EARN rewards for
participating in the community, and TALK with insiders.

Aligned Incentives and Diversification

Most trading platforms take listing fees from new token sales. Instead, new listings distribute tokens to our members as free rewards. Every year, you'll receive rewards valued at 10-20% your SEED holdings.

One Platform,
Endless Opportunities

Buy, sell and manage
crypto with ease on the
Superbloom platform


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Superbloom's Token

Owning SEED Tokens gets you membership access to Superbloom's pipeline of crypto companies along with due diligence.


Get Super Rewards

Every month, you receive free tokens from companies in our pipeline. The more SEED you own, the more tokens you get!


Only Pay What
Institutions Pay

When you claim your free Super Rewards, you can purchase additional tokens at prices regularly reserved for institutions.

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Here are a few reasons you
can trust in Superbloom and
our innovative approach to
crypto finance

Built on Stellar

The platform has all the benefits of a public blockchain including transparency and an immutable ledger.

Enterprise Grade Security

All digital assets are secure in an insured, offline cold storage until you withdraw or transfer them.

Syndication Tools (BETA)

Syndicate partners can invite participants, securely store assets, and distribute tokens to their members.

Multi-Asset Wallet

Members can reserve pre-ICO tokens and manage various types of crypto including ERC-20, BTC, and Lumens.

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