Apply to Join the Superbloom SEED Pre-Sale

Superbloom SEED gives you access to the Superbloom network as well as airdrop rewards from new tokens who conduct their sales through the platform.


We're reserving pre-sale tokens to those who demonstrate PROOF OF INNOVATION in blockchain enabled future. 


Proof of Innovation is our protocol for determining how individuals are contributing towards building new projects or funding new projects. Superbloom is a connector of funders and founders, and we want only the leaders in these fields!


Please apply if you fit one of these criteria:


- Token Syndicate Leader

- Intelligent ICO Investor (individual who analyzes deals)

- Institutional partners who want special access and analysis

- Token sale influencers and advisors

- ICO founder (you receive a special discount)


Each individual will receive an invitation code, (if approved) to purchase SEED token.


If you have any specific questions, please email:


SEED Token Pre-Sale continues through February 8, 2018 on a rolling application basis. The earlier you apply, the more likely you will receive an invitation.