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Here's how to participate in airdrops


Superbloom is a crypto investment platform where members receive airdrops of tokens listed on our platform. Before we begin airdropping tokens from our partners, we're rewarding early adopters with our own airdrop of 10,000,000 SEED ($1,000,000 value). To participate, follow these simple steps.


1. Following @SuperbloomHQ and share
the pinned Tweet to get 100 SEED.


2. Sign up on 
include your Twitter so we can verify.

3. Earn up to 4,000 more tokens when
you refer friends via the form below.


What is Superbloom's token?

Superbloom's SEED is an ERC-20 Token redeemable for membership. You are considered a member if you hold SEED on the Superbloom platform. Members receive free rewards tokens from every sale that goes through the platform and can purchase more from our pipeline of highly sought-after private sales.

What are the benefits of holding SEED?

By holding SEED on the Superbloom platform, you receive new tokens valued at 10-20% of your SEED holdings, so if you hold $100,000 in SEED, you get $10-20,000 in new tokens over the course of a year. We're able to do this because instead of paying a listing fee, Superbloom requires new listings distribute a portion of their tokens to all Superbloom members.

Who built Superbloom?

The company was founded by a team of Silicon Valley based engineers to solve the three biggest frustrations plaguing crypto investing: how to vet new companies, get presale allocations, and ensure security of the assets. Advisors/Partners include the founders of Bancor, Ripple, and Stellar.

How do I access my SEED Tokens?

All tokens and digital assets are secure in cold storage. Beginning June 2018, you can trade and transfer tokens after verifying your identity. We use Jumio for verification, so we aren't collecting any ID documents. Security is our top priority. 

How can I see my SEED balance?

We're distributing SEED tokens in May and June 2018. If you earned tokens through the airdrop bonus, your SEED will be in your Superbloom dashboard by the end of June. We've allocated 10,000,000 SEED (estimated value $1M) for the distribution. Priority is based on timing of account creation, so make sure to register for the Superbloom platform (it's free).

Why can't US citizens buy / earn SEED?

We chose not to include US citizens to ensure our protection under Regulation S of the Securities and Exchange Commission. We are in the process of securing licenses to sell to US citizens. We apologize for any inconvenience. 


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